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 bind´s tutorial

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bind´s tutorial Empty
PostSubject: bind´s tutorial   bind´s tutorial Icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 10:27 am

A list of all commands is available at: www.cs2d.com/help.php?cat=all
Controls/buying related commands: www.cs2d.com/help.php?cat=controls

Example 1): Buy AK47/M4A1, kevlar, HE, ammo and 2 flashs with F6
bind "F6" "ak47; m4a1; vesthelm; hegren; buyammo1; buyammo2; flash; flash"

Example 2): Select and throw your HE grenade with F7
bind "F7" "weapon HE; attack"
Example 3): Say "www.CS2D.com rocks!" and spray your logo with F8
bind "F8" "say www.CS2D.com rocks!; spray"

write binds in your sys/autoexec.cfg folder just like this bind "(letter)" "(somebullshit)"


bind "F8" "m3; vesthelm; hegren; buyammo1; buyammo2; deagle; flash; flash"
bind "F7" "ak47; m4a1; vesthelm; hegren; buyammo1; buyammo2; deagle; flash; flash"
bind "F5" "awp; vesthelm; buyammo1; buyammo2"
bind "F6" "scout; vesthelm; buyammo1; buyammo2"

bind "f9" "say www.fruitcs2d.forumotion.com"
bind "f10" "name »Ð®ëï$T«"
bind "f11" "say love the way you cry"
bind "f12" "say ~~°°# »Ð¤|\|T ¢®¥« #°°~~"

for own server:
mp_building_limit "turret" 10000
mp_building_limit "dispenser" 10000
mp_building_limit "gate field" 10000
mp_building_limit "supply" 10000
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bind´s tutorial
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