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 nyZé. apply

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PostSubject: nyZé. apply   nyZé. apply Icon_minitimeFri Apr 08, 2011 1:34 am

~ Nickname:nyZé.
~ Age:16
~ Experience(how many years/months you play cs2d?):2 years or more
~ Past Clans/Why u left them?: DA (closed),mb (nooby), peg (closed), us (closed), atomic (kicked), alien (closed)
~ Other Nicknames:
~ Why u want to join |fruit|: cause fruit is a populare good clan with skilled memberz
~ Skype(90% of |fruit| have skype):i have skype but don´t use it when i can join i´ll be on
~ you also can upload 1 or more screenshots of your good score(good screenshots please).i had a screen shot with 25 - 1 on a sh aim but i deleted my disk >.<
~ languages(atleast you need to understand english): i can speak german and russian

please proove me hope i can join my usgn is amok

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nyZé. apply
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